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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BG Burgers: Why Batangas City People Are Going Crazy Over This Home-Made Grilled Burger?

This home-based burgerjoint hype spread out of nowhere and the turn-out is really impressive.

Where is it
BG Burger was born in the garage of this big house somewhere in Brgy. Pallocan East, Batangas City. If you’re familiar to the posh Greenwoods village, BG Burger is like 500 meters past Greenwoods.

So what’s the whole fuss about this hamburger? Why do lots of people come to this house in the suburb of Pallocan East to get a grab of this burger?

Continue reading about the ultra-famous BG Burger on this website about Batangas Philippines specifically Batangas City.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Angels Burger: The Hottest Franchise Business To Date

My first encounter with Angels Burger

I started eating Angels burger when I was still living in Makati back in 2008. It was nearing payday, so as usual we were broke due to overspending. We had to find a cheap, filling, delicious food. Back then it already had long queues of its patron customers, since it is handsomely located at the densely-populated Tramo St. along the congested Buendia/Gil Puyat Avenue before you reach Taft. We would brave the heat, noise and smoke of Buendia to get a bite of these uber-tasty minute burgers. For only P23 you already have two mini-burgers to fill your tummy. I usually add in like 23 bucks for my cheese and a Mountain Dew to complete my humble meal. There's a hot sauce handy at the counter to make these burgers extra hot. After all it's kinda boring to eat hamburgers without that extra hot sensation in your mouth.

Continue reading the Angels Burger Franchise wonder and other info about Angel's Burger in Batangas City.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Residencia De Riego Beach and Dive Resort Summer Getaway 2013

That's what you call "A BEACH RESORT"! I was at Residencia De Riego Beach And Dive Resort last Sat and it was what I call a TOTAL beach experience. If you are the kind of beach bum who prefers private sand beaches and truly-blue sea, away from the city and all, then you should book at least a one-day stay here! My 1-day and 1-night stay here wasn't enough though.

Continue reading about this exciting beach resort in this Batangas Philippines portal called Batangas City PH.

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